Flea Market Updateeee :/

As soon as photos of the flea market were posted on my Facebook page last Sunday, I received comments and text messages from friends asking why I did not inform them about the event. And I thought I’d flooded my Facebook page (blog and twitter) since a month ago?

Okay, so now I learned something.. NOT everyone checks their Facebook multiple times a day!! *Sheepish smile.

Well, I’ve made a mental note on that, to spam, no I mean ‘inform’ everyone about any upcoming event directly to their inboxes next time. If you’d also like to receive updates from us, like us on Facebook!

I hear you ask, ‘So, how did the flea market went that day?’

One word – BOringgg!!!! And here comes my whining…

Rewind back to Sunday. When we arrived at Scape around 12 noon, we were momentarily horrified to discover 99% of the booths selling ONLY cheap second hand clothes! Our disappointment increased with each passing minute as we noticed 98% of the crowd were obviously there for second hand items. You can pretty much imagine our frustration with these people shoving and crowding around our neighbours’ booths like we were totally invisible.

Finally after 5 hours of idling, we gave up and decided to call it a day. Those of you who came down for us later that day, I’m sorry you missed us. Special thanks to my friend, Alicia, who sacrificed her family day to join me that day. I would have been literally bored to tears without her company. AND, not forgetting my very sweet boyfriend who kept an eye on the booth for me while I sneaked away for loooong breaks. No choice, you can’t make an ADD person sit around doing nothing for even 30 minutes. :p



Gift cards~


Limited edition handmade (with love!) silkscreened postcards & bookmarks.~


Limited edition handmade (with even more love!) notebook set.~


Customizable tumblers~


My adorable business cards!~ :p


And the adorable me. XD


By the way, we made one sale that day. Yes, that was the ONLY sale we made in that 5 hours. But then again, ONE sale is still better than NO sale. Heh!~

Now thinking back, I actually find the whole thing so funny. lol.

I guess more importantly, it’s not about how much money we made that day but rather what we can learn from this experience. Now I have a better idea on what to prepare and how to set up my own booth the next time round. I’m sure it’s going to be much better!

Keep a lookout for our next flea market! Coming REAL soon. :)

❤ Xoxo, Rheea.


2 thoughts on “Flea Market Updateeee :/

  1. I set up a Scape booth once on a Saturday to sell second hand clothes. BUT there were so many youth looking for trendy and definitely not second hand stuff. The professional flea-er beside us told me that we are more suited for Sunday Scape. =X So guess we both chose the wrong days at scape! >.<

    • Haha! Yes, you should really try it on Sunday, on their 4th level. The entire floor was so packed (with you know who love to hangout at Orchard area on Sundays)! I’m going to bring my second hand clothes there next time round.

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