Dollgift is a peek into the whimsical mind of illustrator Rheea. Featuring free spirited creations that are both nostalgic and timeless, Dollgift is about Art, simple joys and always, about love…

*Commission project and custom design are welcome.

About The Illustrator:

Rheea was born on the little sunny island of Singapore. This petite girl believes herself to be an Indigo Child, who doesn’t quite belong on this planet. She thinks it also explains why she has a hard time understanding and communicating with humans here. Much of her life has been spent contemplating her raison d’être, and how she can make the world a better place for all to live in.

Every piece of Rheea’s work, shares a story about her life journey thus far. She hopes that through these shared stories, you will catch a glimpse of her inner world and be inspired to look deeper within.

(Full interview can be found HERE).

PS: Be sure to look out for her beloved dachshund boy, Nono, in many of the drawings as well!

”Our holiday cards which were designed by Rheea became one of the top sales items in our winter collections. In addition, two of her designs were featured on ‘Daily Candy’, the famous design and fashion online magazine in the US. I always enjoy working with her because she has not only great sense of creative skills but also has an excellent communication skill.’’ -Rumi Nagata, Winged Wheel Japan

”Initially I wasn’t expecting much in regards to online services. However, purchases from Dollgift were totally a different experience. Even though my purchase was small, Rheea was serious in giving every customer a great satisfaction. Replies on enquires were prompt and no efforts were spared in ensuring that the item reaches the hands of the consumers safely. In addtion, what I like most is the added personal touch by Rheea herself.” -David Ooi

*Please do not use any imagery on this site without consent. All rights reserved.*


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