The Perfect Gift

This must be one of the most perfect gifts you can get for anyone or yourself.

Imagine sipping on your warm warm coffee/tea/cocoa on a cold cold day in one of these lovely tumblers (made with double wall insulation to keep your drinks warm)!

For just $25.50 USD, you get to pick from this selection of adorable drawings (new designs will be added  regularly). And because I love gifts that are personalized, I always keep that in mind when designing my products. Not only can you have the recipient and/or your name on the tumbler; if there is one particular message, quote, affirmation OR mantra you like, just let me know.

AND I’ve not even tell you the best part —> there is NO extra charge for that.



simple joy push the limit love is in the air just another lovely day i heart you grandma gramophone dancing in the rain climb on

More information on the tumbler:

*Made in Japan
*Double wall insulation that keeps your drink warm. YEAH!
*Height – approx. 6.5”
*Diameter – approx. 2.5”
*Approx. 280 ml

*Sorry, black tumbler is current out of stock.

Helloooo… What are you still waiting for? Click HERE to buy it now now NOW!

Hee. Have a funtastic weekend.~

❤ Xoxo, Rheea.


Simple Joy

New listing on Etsy (free shipping everywhere)!

Click HERE to find out more:

Drop me a message for a custom design! :)

❤ Xoxo, Rheea.

Phone Casessssss

Helloooo everyone! How was your Halloween?

Well, I received a little Halloween gift! But no, it’s not anything creepy… In fact, it’s a super duper adorable phone case!!! Isn’t it cute? Heh! ❤ Don’t be envious of me, you can also get one for yourself at Threadless (or hint to someone to get it for you like I did. :p)

Speaking of phone casing, I’ve just submitted a series of my very own iPhone casing designs to Threadless! If you like the phone case ideas below, please help to click on the link to score it.

There are 16 submissions in total, so please bear with me while I go through the list!

To score for ‘I Heart You’ –

To score for ‘Dancing In The Rain’ –

To score for ‘The Little Singer’ –

To score for ‘Melody Lane’ –

To score for ‘My CD Collection’ –

To score for ‘Oversize’ –

To score for ‘Perspective’ –

To score for ‘Simple JOY’ –

To score for ‘Your Attention Please’ –

To score for ‘Love Tree’ –

To score for ‘Hang In There’ –

To score for ‘It’s My Birthday!’ –

To score for ‘Just Another lovely Day’ –

To score for ‘Music Delight’ –

To score for ‘Playtime’ –

To score for ‘Violin And Me’ –

I’m super delighted to have some really sweet compliments on the site already!

Gscar40 says, ‘Your designs are freaking amazing. I couldn’t help giving all of them 5!” and Apaveo goes, ‘ Wow, Rheea, I LOVE YOUR WORK! To all of your 16 subs I give a $5!”

By the way, ‘5 or $5’ is the Threadless way of giving someone a score of 5 out of 5. Thank you for making my day, guys! Appreciate every single feedback and score. :)

❤ Xoxo, Rheea.

Hello, September. Hello, new blog!

HELLOooo.. Welcome to my new blog!!!

I’m so excited about my new blog! Not only is WordPress much easier to work with, it has a prettier typeface too! I hope this will motivate me to update more often. :p

Well, the weekend is here once again! What are you guys up to? I’m typing this post at a Starbucks, sipping my favourite green tea latte… With a breathtaking scenery outside and  a cute boy sitting right next to me, what more can I ask for.. sigh ;)

There’s a song I’d really like to share with you. It’s my latest favorite by Jason Mraz called, ‘Living in the moment’. Simply love the lyrics and catchy tune! What a great reminder for us to be present and enjoy each moment everyday.

Have a fabulous weekend!

❤ Xoxo, Rheea.